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Edward Stephens, MD/Psychiatry

Eating Disorders, Neuropsychiatry, Pediatric Psychiatry, Psychiatry
42 years in practice
169 E 74th St
New York, NY 10021
Telephone: (212) 327-3055

Dr. Stephens completed medical school in 1967 at National University of Ireland, Galway. His postgraduate work in Psychology was completed in New York in 1977.  Dr. Stephens is affiliated with Cabrini Medical Center and Gracie Square Hospital.
Special areas of interest and expertise in addition to general psychiatry are child & adolescent psychiatry with special interest in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders, parent/child relationship development through teaching communication skills, adult depression and underlying attention deficit disorders and working with men in psychotherapy. Dr. Stephens served on the American Psychological Association Committee on Children.

Dr. Stephens suffered through his own bitter divorce and custody fight beginning in 1996. His ex-wife alienated his children from him, and he was denied joint custody of his 12-year-old. Dr. Stephens has been a crusader for mens’ and fathers’ rights since then. He has worked as a psychiatric and court-appointed expert in divorce cases. He co-founded the NCFM-NY chapter.

While attending a 2004 Massachusetts Medical Society Conference on Men’s Issues Dr. Stephens posed the question “What is misandry?” Only a few hands went up. When he asked about the meaning of misogyny there was a universal understanding that it represented a hatred of or denigration of women. Dr. Stephens early realized that the mental health needs of men would remain largely neglected until this disparity in understanding the genders was balanced.

Dr. Stephens was lead plaintiff in the Holstein v. Magellan class-action suit aimed at managed care antitrust practices was settled favorably for all mental health professionals in the U.S.  Dr. Stephens, “I have taken the position in my lawsuit that there has been a criminal conspiracy to defraud the public and patients. Mental health providers are dealing with a conscienceless class of business people.”

As a member of the Mens’ Health Network Dr. Stephens served on the advisory board of “Your Head: An Owner’s Manual” which developed to help others understand and overcome male depression, anxiety, and stress. The advisory board is a group of men and women-psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, public health experts, social workers, and advocates for men’s health-working together toward the common goal of improving the health, longevity, and quality of life for men and their families from all walks of life.

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