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NCFM Women Against False Accusations President, Lori DeBolt, Plagiarism Poisons Justice…More Lies!

December 26, 2020

On December 14th of this year, my son was sentenced to 7 years for a crime he did not commit. On the day of sentencing, the courtroom was filled with family and friends—people that support him, love him, and know the truth. My son’s accuser never appeared but she did manage to turn in her “victim impact letter”, shown below at the end (click the letter to see the highlights).

I admit that I was absolutely furious when I read this letter for the first time! But beyond my anger there was something else that wasn’t quite right about her letter. Something about it just creeped me out! And then it hit me!

I had become familiar with Amber’s writing style from years of reading her statements from court files. And this letter was definitely not written by her. The style was too dramatically different and not at all like the 3rd grade writing style I had come to know. Just 30 seconds of googling sentences from the letter proved my hunch to be correct. She outright stole this letter off the internet and turned it in to the Judge as her own.

From one lie to a thousand more lies… Honestly, what does one write when one has never been raped? What feelings to do they share when there are none? What do they say when there is nothing to say? She was not raped but wanted to make sure her lie carried through all the way to the end. Even though she never showed up on sentencing day she left us with a plagiarized letter. More proof of her lies!

We all know what happens in schools and universities when one plagiarizes. But what happens when one plagiarizes a complete victim statement and turns it in as their own authentic document—a document that is read and used by the judge to determine sentencing? Well, they do the same thing that happens when a woman takes the stand and lies about rape. Nothing! They do absolutely nothing! And for that fact, I am here to raise awareness of this issue!

I am sharing this letter publicly because honestly, why not? The famous and controversial letter she turned in as her own actually belongs to Chanel Miller. Chanel is the one that ruined Brock Turner’s life. Instead of admitting she willingly left the party with him and then later fell down which then led to consensual heavy petting, she let the power hungry people and the media create the rape story for her; and, she simply chose their story to save face. Chanel’s letter, according to what I’ve read, wasn’t even written by her—it was written by Stanford law professor Michele Dauber.

Below is a copy of Amber’s letter. The highlighted sections are exact words stolen from Chanel Miller’s letter. I have redacted some sections because one should never ever mention innocent young people as a way to gain attention. Feel free to google any of these highlighted sections.

Now, to address the words in her letter directed at me—“the mother”. A few days after my son was convicted on 12/20/2019, I went Christmas shopping—at Walmart of all places. I had neither the time nor the spirit to shop for anything in the weeks leading up to the trial. After a weeklong trial and the conviction, it took all of my energy to stop crying and get out of bed. It was that time at Walmart and only that time when I saw one of the witnesses from the trial. Her letter made it sound as if this occurs frequently. Am I being stalked by her? Most likely not! This just happens when you live in a small city. My advice to her is to get over it!

Secondly, it is absolutely true that I go to court for her child custody issues. But it’s not the way she painted it out to be. Truth be told, I could care less about her. But, I do give a damn about a very good man that has been falsely accused of child abuse by the very same person that falsely accused my son of sexual assault. According to the facts, my research and opinion, an otherwise normal event was boldly and maliciously embellished into an outright lie. So, I go to court to support him. I support all men who are struggling with the system just to have the right to be part of their children’s lives. Children should never be made to believe lies told about their daddy! Again, I could care less about the accuser—God has plans for her!

And now, if I may, let me share my victim statement. For the past 5 ½ years, her lies drove us all to our knees.

I used to believe in the justice system in America. On December 20, 2019, we were all so sure that our son would be able to move on with his life and put all of this behind him. Instead, they took him away in handcuffs. One day he will write his own victim letter. But for now, the prison system will force him to say he was guilty. But he is strong and will never lie—he is innocent! As a mother, this breaks my heart the most.

We are financially strapped now because of her lies. If your son, brother or father were falsely accused of sexual assault, do you have $100,000 to prove his innocence? Trust me, the rules of justice are stacked heavily against our men and restrains them from bringing in all the evidence to prove their innocence. In our case, the jury never knew that she had sex two times with two different men on two different occasions that night. One of the times was in her bed while her 4 year old daughter was watching. The other consensual time was in the shower with my son. My husband and I had to borrow close to $100,000 against our retirement funds, which is being paid back with payroll deductions. It cost us a lot of money and we lost—but we lost because our truth was not allowed to be told in a court of justice.

Her lies tore apart a family and now 3 children are without a father figure. My son was deeply involved with a woman and her 3 children. We had to move them out of their home in the dead of winter because she alone could not afford the rent that she and my son had been paying together. Three little children lost out on something really good in life.

Her lies caused and continues to cause tremendous stress to everyone that loves my son—family and friends. My other son lost a brother. A brother he so desperately needs. You see, my sons lost their father to suicide just a few shorts weeks before our accuser lied. They were the lead pall bearers and carried their father to the church alter. And they both stepped in to take over and manage their father’s business. Brothers that need each other and a business that needs their hard work—all gone and left alone for my youngest son to manage because she lied. Two brothers ripped apart because of her lies.

Her lies cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars in investigations, medical care, and trial costs. Her lies will also have taxpayers paying well over $220,000 to support an innocent man in prison. Illinois taxes are outrageous…this is one clear example of how our taxes are spent. No one should be okay with this!

Now…most importantly! In spite of her lies, my son continues to remain strong with a deep, warm heart. He is not bitter. He has a plan in life to help “at risk” men find a better way to deal with their pain and to help detour them away from prison. God worked through him to build a plan, which he was ready to put into play. But her lies threw him into prison—for 7 years! My son is my hero! He taught me how to be strong when the world falls apart. And, my other son taught me how to apply peace in the face of destruction. Both of my sons are amazing men! Her lies made all of us stronger!

And, because of her lies, I met some amazing women across the USA going through the exact same thing as my son. We joined forces with NCFM and now we are raising awareness all across America. We are fighting against laws that so easily imprison and ruin the lives of innocent men everywhere. False accusations of sexual assault occur as much as 60% (read, “Rape Hysteria: Lying with Rape Statistics”, by John Davis BA JD LLM, available on Amazon). In “Destructive Lies: True Stories of Them, Too”, by Melissa McFadden, you will find our stories.

We are NCFM-Deborah & Jael’s Warriors against False Accusations! We are a support and action group! And, we will change the negative stereotypes and laws that destroy the lives of the men we love. Our group is growing quickly as fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends discover that they are not alone. False Accusations of Sexual Assault occur and it is way more common than everyone has been led to believe.

To everyone out there missing a special man during this Holiday Season, our hearts are forever bonded with yours. You are not alone! To all of our innocent men either in prison or struggling through false accusations, we are here fighting for you. You are not alone! And, to all those who worked so hard to conceal the truth, lie, and allow our innocent men and the families that love them to be destroyed, God sees you!

national coalition for men

NCFM Women Against False Accusations, President, Lori DeBolt, Plagiarism Poisons Justice…More Lies!


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