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NCFM Women Against False Accusations President, Lori DeBolt, Freedom Plaza Rally a Success!

April 21, 2021

On April 10, 2021, our women from NCFM – Women Against False Accusations sponsored a rally in DC at Freedom Plaza. The men and women who spoke were powerful and sent a message to the world that we cannot back down until all of our innocent men are free from false accusations. 

False accusations are a serious issue all across America and the world; and it is hidden well by those willing to abuse the laws and silence the truth. Prosecutorial misconduct, perjury, falsified police reports, biased judges, Brady Violations (hiding evidence that would prove innocence), misapplied laws, and just plain bias due to the “believe all women” campaign.

We came together as a diverse group of people speaking out for the innocent men we love who have been falsely accused of sexual assault or child abuse resulting in costly legal issues, prison and/or loss of their children. How, in America, is this happening to our men? Men are sexually abused and assaulted at the same rate as our women.1 Where is the support for them? Children become victims at a rate 2.3 times higher than men and women.2  Where is the focus on them? 60% of accusations made against men are false.3 Please understand that the 2-8% claim is not supported by research and can be traced back to a reckless opinion posted in Susan Brownmiller’s book. 4 Of all victims served by VAWA in 2018, 73% were white women.5  Where’s the support for our people of color? For our men? For our children? Where is the protection against false accusers?

We made so many powerful contacts across the USA during the rally. Our speakers included Kimberly Lowe from VA, running for Congress in 2023. Eric Carroll of Dad Talk Today. Robert Garza, advocate for 50/50 parenting. Marcell Russell from Maryland heading to trial to get the natural right to see his kids. Melissa McFadden of Reset Missouri. Followers from Florida and California and Alabama. NCFM-Chicago Pesident Tim Goldich and VP Les Bender. Katrina from Chicago recently out of HS speaking out about false accusations made against innocent young men. And so many more…

Prior to the rally, we canvased the neighborhood and passed out over 750 event flyers. One gentlemen told us his story of accidentally brushing up against his boss as he was moving boxes. With an incompetent, overworked public defender he was forced to take a plea deal. He had no idea that he would be imprisoned and listed on the Sex Offender Registry. Another gentleman from Florida was ecstatic and said it was “about time we started protecting our men”! Women responded with stories of men in their lives that were falsely accused. And, of course, there were the skeptics and non-believers.

Post rally, we continue to speak with new individuals reaching out to us everyday. Our DC rally was only the beginning. We will continue to rally and raise awareness. We believe VAWA can be changed to the Office Of Violence Against People. Organizations receiving grant money from VAWA must be investigated. Prosecutors, judges, law enforcement, and false accusers must be held accountable and given consequences. 50/50 Parenting must be the starting point for all custody issues across America. And, the proven ineffective and costly Sex Offender Registry must be eliminated for all but the ones that are at high risk of recidivism (currently, of the 880,000 on the registry, including kids as young 8, only 2% are considered dangerous and high risk).

We will return again to DC in 2022. In the meantime, we have the first episode of our podcast coming out on Mother’s Day. Hear the true unedited stories of women who have men in their lives that have been falsely accused. We are working on the second volume of Destructive Lies: True Stories of Them, Too! Reach out to us if you would like to include your story as a chapter in the book. Keep an eye out for our t-shirts coming to our website later. Display your support for our men! And each Wednesday, join our women’s group to share your stories or listen to the stories of others. You’ll find emotional support and a place to actively become involved with changing the negative stereotypes and laws that work against our men.

I’ve always been interested in investigative journalism. But today’s stories merely pander to party lines. It’s time for some “good old fashioned honest to God truth” investigations. It will take time, but follow us as I begin to expose the truth behind the lies. I’ve been shut down once for exposing truths, but that isn’t going to stop me from reporting on the real stories of false accusations in America.

To all those who attended and spoke with us in DC, God is leading each of you on an incredible journey. He is for Truth, Light, Love and Peace; and, He is with each of you every step of the way. Stay strong and faithful! And to all of you wanting to change the world for our innocent men, join us. Our group will allow you to bond with others going through these issues, as well as give you a place to become actively involved in helping the innocent men we love.  

national coalition for men

NCFM Women Against False Accusations President, Lori DeBolt, Freedom Plaza Rally a Success!

1 In 2011, the CDC reported results from NISVS (National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence) which found that both men and women have the same prevalence of nonconsensual sex (1.270 million women and 1.267 million men) and unwanted sexual contact (2.565 million men and 2.600 million women).

2 Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults occur to children ages 17 under; those ages 12-17 were assaulted 2.3 times higher than adults (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2000). org/prevention/child-sexual-abuse-facts/

3 Davis, John. False Accusations of Rape: Lynching in the 21st Century (Female Sex Predators). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, March 20, 2015.

4 Edward Greer,The Truth behind Legal Dominance Feminisms Two Percent False Rape Claim Figure, 33 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 947 (2000).Available at:

5 According to the 2018 Biennial Report, grant money was given to organizations that served more women (81%, 19% men) who were white (73%).

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2 Responses to NCFM Women Against False Accusations President, Lori DeBolt, Freedom Plaza Rally a Success!

  1. James Harris on March 22, 2022 at 7:23 AM

    My name is James Harris from Atlanta Georgia. I have an incarcerated nephew serving a life without parole sentence for a false claim of rape, and we cannot get no justice for him. Everything we do comes up short, not because of lack of proof, but because of several public officials deliberately interferring with the flow of justice. My nephew have proof of the fram-up, but can’t find a lawyer willing to take his case. The family had reviewed your profile and line of work, thus we’re coming to you because we have nowhere else to go. Please help us.

    • lori on April 12, 2022 at 9:20 AM

      My heart goes out to your nephew and the family. While we can’t offer legal assistance/advice, we can raise awareness and perhaps offer some directions to take. Please reach out to me at Stay strong and keep fighting! Hope to hear from you.

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