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NCFM Women Against False Accusations Member, Dawn Dural, False Accusations Destroy Lives!

January 29, 2022

False Accusations Allegations


At National Coalition for Men – Women Against False Accusations, we support the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted. Please read about Dawn’s experience with the wrongful conviction against her husband, Roynes. We believe, as they believe, that false accusations must be deterred.


It is 2022, the start to a fresh new year for many, and yet for some it is just another year living through a nightmare that started with a false accusation. For others, it is the start of having to prove they did not do something of which they were accused. And there are those that 2022 brings the continuation of fighting to clear their name so they can gain their freedom after being sent to prison caused by a wrongful conviction. Sadly, this devastation does not affect just the individual falsely accused. As a woman who has a husband, sons, daughters, and brothers, and has lived through this, I can tell you this devastation affects the entire family. IT DESTROYS LIVES!

A False accusation in 2002 started this nightmare for my family. Having your life turned completely upside down based off a statement by an individual with no proof, no evidence, and a story that changed every 15 minutes, is a travesty. A story the accuser could not tell consistently because it was solely based on lies and deception to protect the actual perpetrators. Lies that led to a 20-year sentence for a crime committed by someone else and based off the statement of one person, the accuser who lied to protect her stepfather and his best friend (whom she married 5 weeks after the wrongful conviction that changed our lives as we knew it).

When I sit back and think about the past 18 years of hell that we went through, it crushes my heart to think about how many other individuals and families went through the same thing or may be going through it now. Especially for those who do not or may not have had the support and means to push through it. Those who lost everything they worked hard for. Those who may have been completely uprooted and forced to move to an unknown place to get away from the horrific outcomes of an unsupportive community who believe the false accusations.

I cannot fathom what goes on in a person’s mind to lie and make a false accusation about an individual because he/she wants to get out of taking responsibility for his/her actions or wants to protect someone he/she loves. Maybe there was another reason, such as jealousy, or anger because a relationship ended and the individual moved on, or some other hateful or spiteful reason. There is absolutely no justification for falsely accusing an individual of a crime he/she did not commit. And what makes it worse, the criminal justice system will lean on the accuser’s story rather than verify and make sure it is fact BEFORE potentially destroying an innocent person’s life.

This is not to take away from true victims. No, I support them completely! However, (having lived through this nightmare and knowing that someone can easily lie and cause a wrongful conviction) it is imperative that law enforcement do a thorough investigation and question the truthfulness of the accuser’s accusation(s). This should be done before even contacting the accused. For example, in some states, when someone is accused and considered a suspect, the first thing they are asked is if they are willing to submit to a polygraph. The same should be done with those bringing forth accusations that are supported by no corroborative evidence.

I am a wife; I have a husband. I am a mother; I have sons and daughters. If anyone of my children told me someone did something to them, as much as I trust and believe they would not lie to me about something like that, I would put them through the hard questions to make sure what they were saying were in fact TRUE before contacting authorities. I would expect those in authority to do the same to ensure the information they are receiving is true. And if there is truth to it, you best believe I would want the responsible party(s) held accountable; however, on the same note, I would want the same protection and verification for my husband, my sons, my brothers, and my family.

Just taking a statement and not looking to find any fact to it is wrong. In the case of a sexual assault accusation, the accused cannot prove that it did not happen; however, why is it that the accuser does not have to prove that it did? How does that make any sense? How is that fair and considered okay in this system that is supposed to be trusted to prevent such travesties from happening? Why does an accuser not need to provide any form of proof that his/her statement is factual before charges are brought upon an individual? In some states across America, the accused are asked to undergo a polygraph; however, the accuser is not? Why? False accusations victimize innocent people, hurt individuals, families, and affect the communities in which we live.

Most people would not lie in a situation involving a sexual crime; however, some will. Because there are some people who will lie, all must be scrutinized to ensure victims and innocent individuals are protected. This protects true victims as it provides the assurance that the system will work to make sure justice is sought; however, it also protects innocent individuals from being falsely accused and convicted as it is a deterrent from someone bringing a false accusation. It stops victimizing innocent individuals and the re-victimization of true victims.

There should be no defenseless crime! But with the inability to question the accuser’s truthfulness, it is almost certain the accused will be wrongfully convicted. The standard should not be if the accuser is believable when there has been no test to his/her credibility. Change must come; false accusations must be deterred.

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NCFM Women Against False Accusations Member, Dawn Dural, False Accusations Destroy Lives!


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One Response to NCFM Women Against False Accusations Member, Dawn Dural, False Accusations Destroy Lives!

  1. Susan McCallum on January 30, 2022 at 4:21 PM

    My son is living through a hell created by not just his accuser but her mom and step father. It’s a long drawn out story which I have a paper trail of thousands of pages supporting the fact that the alleged crime did not even occur. People can prove their innocence when the justice system does their job and investigates the accusations rather that simply believing the accusation. My son is the property of the Idaho State parole division, he can’t date without their permission, he cannot move without permission, he can’t have children without permission, he can’t kiss or snuggle with ANYONE, without their permission or he will go back to prison. He can’t come home to visit because he can’t return to the county he has grown up in almost his entire life because the alleged victims parents live here and the female might visit them. It goes on and one and no one cares. You are correct that it is not just the accused that lives years or decades or hell, the family does too.

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