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Media Advisory, NCFM – Women Against False Accusations President, Lori DeBolt, Falsely Accused Day in DC

August 13, 2022


NCFM Women Against False Accusations
Contact: Lori DeBolt – (630) 882-9527 –

July 1, 2022

Johnny Depp’s recent success is a victory for men as a whole, as his case was not an anomaly, but something that
happens to millions of men… their lives destroyed by the lie of another.

Unfortunately, millions of men don’t have the resources to fight their accusers in a court of law as a Hollywood
celebrity does. Their lives are destroyed and they never get a chance to reclaim their reputations. The world would
rather assume their guilt than to disbelieve a woman’s claim, and that can lead men not just to a loss of reputation,
but to face a prison sentence.

The National Coalition for Men, recognizes the experience of millions of everyday men, and has been listening to
their stories and fighting for their rights for 45 years.

The Women Against False Accusations chapter of NCFM believes in due process and is dedicated to sharing stories,
educating the public, and providing resources for men and their families to fight against the lies and accusations.

This year, we are joining the global “Falsely Accused Day” movement. More than just raising awareness online, we
are taking men’s stories to our nation’s capital. Friday night we will host a candlelight vigil to remember and honor
those we have lost or who have been taken away from their families by false accusations. Saturday we will have an
all-day rally outside of the US District courthouse featuring guest speakers, music, heartfelt outpouring of support,
and educational resources.

We ask you to join us

*****Do Something for our Men – September 10th, 2022*****
John Marshall Park – US District Court, Washington D.C. 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

*****Candlelight vigil held on the National Mall the night before, September 9th, 2022*****
Begins on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial 7:00 pm

If you work with an organization dedicated to truth, accountability, and due process, we need you.
If you or a loved one has been impacted by the devastation and evil of false accusations, we love you and want to
share your stories.

Join us in DC this September.
Make them hear your voice.

For more information and to get involved, please visit our website:

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national coalition for men

Media Advisory, NCFM – Women Against False Accusations President, Lori DeBolt, Falsely Accused Day in DC

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